Our tyre dealer near Bexley sells all types of new tyres, for all kinds of vehicle. Whether you’re looking to buy premium or budget tyres, we can be of service. But have you ever considered investing in run flat tyres? These innovative, modern tyres are proving increasingly popular with our Bexley customers – so on this page we thought we’d explain how they work.

What Are Run Flat Tyres?

Run flat tyres are specially designed to continue to work after suffering a puncture. This means that if you do suffer from one, you can drive to a garage or tyre dealer, like our own near Bexley, and get new tyres fitted. This is far more convenient than being left stranded at the side of the road, waiting for a breakdown service, friend or family member to bring you a spare tyre.

How Do Run Flat Tyres Work?

Reinforced sidewalls featuring rubber inserts are contained within the tyre. Standard tyres collapse after suffering a puncture, but run flat tyres can temporarily support the weight of a vehicle – usually for around 50 miles, if you’re travelling around 30mph.

Why Choose Run Flat Tyres?

While run flat tyres are more expensive than budget tyres and many other types of new tyres, they prove popular among our Bexley customer-base as they have a built in “back-up” mechanism. However, it’s worth noting that they cannot be repaired after a puncture. Our tyre dealer recommends that you replace your vehicle’s tyres with run flats if they are what it was originally fitted with. It’s more expensive if you are switching from standard tyres to run flat tyres, as a tyre pressure monitoring system will most likely need to be installed.

Want to buy run flat tyres in or around the Bexley area? Please contact our tyre dealer today on 01322 525 668.