Boasting over 35 years’ experience in the Dartford tyre industry, staff at our tyre dealer have learned everything there is to know about new tyres and budget tyres. Here are some top tips for ensuring they last a long time!

4 Top Tyre Tips

  1. Choose the Right Tyres – It’s essential that you buy new tyres that are appropriate for your vehicle. If you’re unsure what type of tyres will perform best, the team at Dartford Tyres 2000 Ltd can help! We will consider the make and model of your vehicle, the season and the kind of weather you’ll be driving in, the loads your vehicle typically carries and your budget. Many reputable major brands now make quality budget tyres, so there’s no need to worry about breaking the bank on premium ones if they aren’t what you’re after.

  2. Regularly Check Tread Depth – Tread depth wears down over time, and while new tyres can last from anywhere between 3-7 years, depending on their usage, it’s important to make sure your tyres’ tread depth doesn’t wear down below 1.6m. This is the legal minimum, and driving on tyres below this depth can result in a large fine and penalty points being put on your licence. Most manufacturers, as well as Dartford Tyres 2000 Ltd, recommend changing your tyres when tread depth reaches 3mm. Tread depth assists you stopping in emergency breaking situations, especially in wet weather.

  3. Balancing Act – If your wheels are unbalanced, you may notice them “wobbling” when driving at speeds above 40mph. This can make driving very uncomfortable. Unbalanced wheels also lead to tyres wearing down too quickly. Our tyre dealer in Dartford offers an electronic wheel balancing service, which will ensure that the weight of your wheels and tyres are even around the axle. This involves placing minuscule weights, which offset any imbalance, at certain points around the wheel.

  4. Don’t Over or Under Inflate – Both over- and under-inflating tyres is potentially dangerous. All tyres have recommended tyre pressure, but this can change if the car is carrying abnormal loads, for example. Bring your car into Dartford Tyres 2000 Ltd, and we can inflate your tyres to an ideal level.

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