We’re often asked by prospective customers around Welling why we don’t stock part-worn tyres. There are two very good reasons to invest in new tyres rather than second-hand ones, and on this page we thought we’d lay them out!

Why Should I Buy New Tyres?

Safety First – All tyres, whether new or part-worn, must have a minimum tread depth. A typical part-worn tyre has an average tread depth of 4mm, while new tyres have 8mm. But why is tread depth important? It massively impacts your stopping distance when braking. The legal minimum depth is 1.6mm, and when some part-worns are sold with as little as 2mm, it won’t be long until you’re needing to replace them again. When it’s you and your passengers’ well-being at stake, paying slightly more for longer-lasting, safer tyres is an obvious choice. A study conducted by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association found that a vehicle, travelling at 50mph with tyres at the legal minimum depth, took 12m longer to stop in wet weather than one with new tyres. That’s why our tyre dealer only sells new tyres to our Welling customers.

They’re Not That Pricey – There’s a myth that brand new tyres are far too pricey. But they’re highly cost effective, lasting significantly longer and being less prone to needing repairs. In the short term, second-hand tyres may prove slightly cheaper than new tyres. However, major brands now sell a range of new, budget tyres that are distinctly affordable. Our tyre dealer near Welling stocks these tyres, proving there’s something for everyone, regardless of their price range!

Choices, Choices – When you come to a new tyre dealer, there’s no need to worry about the right tyres for your car being in stock. With a part-worn tyre dealer, you often have to “take what you’re given”, as there won’t always be the tyres you want with your ideal tread depth in stock. We have a massive range of new and budget tyres for Welling motorists to choose from, and will be happy to help you figure out which are the best choice for your specific needs.

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