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As a proud independent business, Dartford Tyres 2000 Limited prides itself in offering customers in the Bexleyeheath area, a wide range of tyre & autocare services at their state of the art tyre depot with work carried out by its highly trained technicians.

We are located on 34-36 Watling St, Bexleyheath DA6 7QG in the heart of the town and have built up a reputation for excellent service and pricing to our customers in the Bexley region.

What is involved in Wheel Balancing?

Wheel balancing involves adding small lead weights to the wheels in order to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly around the tyre. This even weight distribution allows the wheels to spin freely without causing any vibration.

Why is having correctly balanced wheels important?

It is important that wheels are balanced for a number of reasons;

  • Better vehicle handling
  • Improved tyre wear & tear
  • Improved fuel economy

When should I have my wheel balancing checked?

There are certain tell-tale signs that your wheels need balancing, most commonly when wheels get out of balance drivers experience a feeling of vibration or shaking through the steering wheel. This happens most commonly at speeds between 60 mph & 70 mph. Vibration at high speed can be dangerous so do not wait, get it into a specialist tyre and autocare centre as soon as possible. At Dartford tyres we have all the equipment needed in order to carry out wheel balancing quickly and professionally with our team of specialist tyre technicians.

Call us today or pop in to our depot in Bexley & speak to a specialist.